Summer will soon be here in Bethlehem, and it’ll be the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine and seasonal activities. But if you’re wearing braces, you might be wondering how to navigate the summer fun without compromising your orthodontic treatment. Whether you’re on the traditional braces journey or opting for the discretion of Invisalign, here at Exeter Smiles, we’re committed to helping you manage your orthodontic care with ease throughout these warmer months. So here are a few tips for spending your summer with braces.

Smart Eating with Braces

Summer is synonymous with barbecues and sweet treats, which can be tricky terrain when you have braces. To avoid damage, steer clear of sticky, hard, and chewy foods.

Foods that need to be avoided with braces are:

  • Whole fruits, like apples and peaches
  • Crunchy vegetables, like carrots and celery
  • Tough grains, like bagels and crusty bread
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Sticky candy like taffy and caramel

But don’t worry! Summer with braces doesn’t mean missing out on your favorite foods. You can cut larger foods, like apples and carrots, into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Also consider softer food options like tender grilled meats, pasta salads, and smooth ice cream. And if you’re wearing Invisalign aligners, remember to remove them while eating to maintain their integrity.

Hydration is Key

We often emphasize the importance of hydration, especially during the hot summer months. Drinking plenty of water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps clean food from your braces. Limit sugary beverages, as they can increase plaque buildup around your brackets. If you do indulge, make sure to brush or rinse your mouth afterwards to keep your braces or Invisalign clean.

Summer Sports & Protection

Summer activities might include sports or adventurous outings. A summer with braces doesn’t mean spending the warm weather on the couch; however, protecting your braces is crucial. A sports mouthguard is a must-have for traditional braces wearers to avoid injuries. The most common risk you face when playing sports with braces is the potential for injury to your lips and gums due to direct contact with the braces. Even with Invisalign, consider a mouthguard for high-impact activities to protect against unexpected facial impacts.

Regular Oral Care

Don’t let the summer excitement disrupt your dental hygiene routine. Packing a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss can be a game-changer for those quick trips or long vacations. Regular brushing and daily flossing are essential to prevent stains or white spots and maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Attending regular check-ups is also key to maintaining your braces. Regular check-ups help keep your treatment on track whether that’s with braces or Invisalign in Bethlehem.

Opt for Discretion with Invisalign

Summer events often mean photos and social gatherings. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, consider Invisalign. As a leading provider of Invisalign in Bethlehem, Exeter Smiles offers this nearly invisible treatment that allows you to straighten your teeth discreetly. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable, giving you the freedom to enjoy all your favorite summer foods without worry.

Embrace Your Journey

Remember, braces and Invisalign are a step toward achieving a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Own your summer with braces! Take photos, share laughs, and enjoy every moment confidently.

Here at Exeter Smiles, whether you’re exploring braces or Invisalign in Bethlehem, we are here to make your summer both enjoyable and successful in terms of dental care. Reach out to us to discuss how we can support your smile this season. Request a free consultation today.