Affordable Braces for just


Braces use metal brackets temporarily affixed to your teeth to straighten your smile. While traditional braces often get a bad reputation for their initial discomfort and look, at Exeter Smiles we offer the latest orthodontic appliances so you can enjoy the benefit of traditional braces with less discomfort. Plus, we strive to keep our price low, offering affordable braces for only $3,995.

Are braces comfortable?

After braces are initially placed and adjusted, you may experience some moderate discomfort. However, that discomfort will fade soon after your appointment.

Can braces be clear?

Traditional braces have changed a lot over the years. Today, you have the opportunity to get clear brackets with wires that are less noticeable.

We also offer Invisalign® treatment, which consists of thin aligners that fit transparently over your teeth.

The Process


The goal of this phase is to help you understand the different treatment options, take x-rays and photos so that we can plan your care, and get you on your way to that smile you’ve been dreaming of.


In this phase, we will bring you in for regular adjustment appointments to keep your braces working at their maximum potential.


In this final phase, the braces will be removed from your teeth and you will get that first glimpse of your smile in the mirror. We also set you up with a retainer to keep that perfect smile for good.

Treatment Comparison

Invisalign AlignersTraditional
AppearanceNearly invisible alignersClear or metal brackets
ComfortNo adjusting of wires or brackets to rub against cheeks and gumsSome mild discomfort during initial application and adjusting
Treatment Length9-18 months based on complexity9-24 months based on complexity
Treatment ComplianceCan be variable as patient can choose not to wearVery high — Braces affixed to teeth

What is the best age for braces?

When it comes to your child’s smile, starting early makes it easier to prevent issues before they occur. You can schedule a consultation for your child as early as 8 years old. The ideal time for braces is between 10 and 14 years old. Your child may have all or most of their adult teeth. Meanwhile, their head and mouth are still growing and changing.

However, there’s no age that’s “too old” for braces. We’ve helped thousands of adults achieve straighter smiles with braces.

How long does the process of getting braces take?

The process of getting braces affixed to your teeth takes about one to two hours. Following your initial appointment, regular checkups and adjustments should not take as long.

How quickly do braces work?

The treatment length for braces ranges anywhere from 1 to 3 years and can be impacted by your age, your chosen treatment method, and your case’s complexity. While that may seem like a long time, the results are life changing.

How much do braces cost?

Braces cost only $3,995. We remain dedicated to offering affordable braces. In other offices, braces may cost more than double that price. However, at Exeter Smiles we believe a straighter smile should never be out of reach. Payment plans are also available to meet the financial needs of all of our patients.

How effective are braces?

Traditional braces are outstanding in their efficacy and have been worn by adolescents and adults for years with consistent and predictable results. From mild cases to the most severe, the outcome that can be produced from traditional braces has always been the same: a straight and healthy smile.

Orthodontic treatment outcomes depend greatly on how well you follow the plan outlined by your orthodontist. Unlike Invisalign aligners, traditional braces cannot be removed and have very high compliance. Since you are making a big investment in your smile, traditional braces ensure that you get the smile you’re paying for.

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