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Palatal Expanders from Lehigh Valley Orthodontist

A lack of space in your child’s mouth can lead to crossbites or overcrowding. It is important to remediate issues such as these before your child’s jawbone stops growing. This is why you’ll find that many orthodontists, including Exeter Smiles, offer palatal expanders.

These expanders are a simple way to create more space in your child’s mouth, allowing their teeth to grow in straighter and more comfortably. They are typically worn before orthodontic treatment begins and are proven to help decrease the time a child may need to wear braces.

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About Palatal Expanders

How do palatal expanders work?

Expanders are secured to the top of your child’s mouth and are cemented over several top teeth toward the back of their mouth.

Unlike adults, a child’s upper jaw is actually in two halves. Over time, these halves fuse together. Expanders help give the jaw more space before this happens.

The expander, which is custom made for each patient, comes in two halves. These halves are then connected by a screw at the roof of the mouth. This screw must be turned every day so that the jaw can expand.

How long must palatal expanders be worn?

Expanders are typically worn for a few months. This time period gives the jaw a chance to expand and gives new bone the opportunity to grow in the gap created by the expanders.

Are palatal expanders painful?

Patients may experience some discomfort after turning the expander’s screw. However, this discomfort is short lived.

Children may also have difficulty eating or speaking at first due to their tongue’s proximity to the expander. However, this difficulty only lasts a short time until they grow used to the expander.

Why may someone need a palatal expander?

The main reason a patient may need an expander is that their mouth is too small to allow for teeth to grow in comfortably.

Other reasons a child may need an expander is if they have:

  • A crossbite: When the upper jaw is smaller than the lower jaw, this can lead to uneven teeth and grinding.
  • Impacted teeth: An impacted tooth is a tooth that has yet to grow in, usually due to a lack of space. An expander can help give the tooth more room.
  • Overcrowding: The mouth is too small to allow for the proper growth of teeth. Overcrowding isn’t only painful, but can also make eating and talking difficult.

How old should a patient be for a palatal expander?

Palatal expanders are most effective in children before they reach puberty since their bones are still growing.

How much do palatal expanders cost?

If our orthodontists in Reading or elsewhere feel that your child requires palatal expanders, the price is included in the cost of braces.

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I had an amazing experience! All three of my kids received treatment. They love their results! This is my last child in treatment. She started with phase 1 and then rolled into phase2. Look at her amazing results.
Lis O
Not quite finished with my treatment yet, but I’m blown away by the results so far. Not only are my results amazing but the staff here has been fantastic as well. Everyone I’ve came in contact with has been pleasant and made me feel welcome from the very start. Out of the 4 consultations at different orthodontists in the area, this was my top pick and I’m more the happy with the decision. Couldn’t thank this staff and Dr. Wegrzyniak enough for everything!
Hanna Shank
Exeter Smiles has been great to work with for my daughter’s braces. The braces are affordable and we had excellent service from Taneile in the Harrisburg office!!!!
Kimberly Henninger
I love this place! My appointments were super quick (under 15 minutes each time)! I had super nice people treat me. And I would definitely recommend to a friend!
Alex Freeland
I have 2 of my sons currently in treatment with the Harrisburg office - one with metal braces and one with Invisalign. Both treatments have gone so well. The staff is excellent - always welcoming and smiling. The process has been so easy. Their appointment times work well with our busy schedule. My teenager has so much more confidence with his smile and we are only halfway through his treatment. Very knowledgable and patient with question. Both boys and I recommend this office for any orthodontics needs.
Angelique Hogentogler
I am very pleased with my results. The staff and doctor were very professional. I am very sensitive, and they took their time in every appointment. Keep up the good work staff and doctor!
Jasmine Gonzalez
Dr Wegrzyniak is amazing. So patient and kinda. Her treatment plans are clear and I would 100% recommend family or friends to Exeter Smiles!
Sara Heffner
Dr. Wegrzyniak and her team have been amazing during my daughters treatment. Everyone is so nice when we are in the office and you can tell they really enjoy what they do. Insurance and financial department have been easy to work with. Have had changes with my debit card and insurance and they have helped me through that process.
Kyle Fizz
Beautiful office! Friendly staff and doctors! As a dental professional myself I chose to travel to Exeter orthodontics for the quality of work I see them produce for all the communities they serve. Their entire team is well educated and trained! If you are searching for braces go no further… they can provide high quality at an unbeatable price!
Nicole Callahan Tobias
Highly recommend Exeter Orthodontics! Started my braces journey at the beginning of this year (which I have been wanting to do for MANY years) and 9/30 they are coming off. The entire staff is very sweet and patient! Every time I come for my appointment it is hardly a wait Ever. I'm positive I will be very happy with my results. Thank you to all the staff here at the Allentown location.
Keyahra Jade
I am a fairly new patient at the Harrisburg office and have been very satisfied with the level of care and professionalism I have received since day one. Everything is well explained, thorough and affordable. If you need an unexpected appointment (which has happened to me twice now) they make you a priority and squeeze you in which is extremely appreciated! I had to schedule an unexpected appointment just today and Sherry (sp?) was kind, understanding and helpful in getting me scheduled asap. Dr. Wegrzyniak is super nice, knowledgeable and professional as well as the entire staff. I just wish I remembered everyone's names to list them here. I highly recommend Exeter Smiles! :)
Christine Phillips
Exeter Orthodontics have been amazing with my daughter for the last year. Flexible appointments, great prices, staff is so helpful with any questions you have. They always explain what they are doing. Highly recommend this office.
Stephanie Griffith
Every time I come in for an appointment I’m greeted with a smile 🙂 Dr. Wegrzyniak pays extra attention to detail and has always taken her time answering any questions (and trust me I always have a lot!!) I have. I have never felt rushed nor have I never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment. It seems everyone who works here gets along well with each other and they are always willing and eager to give their co workers a hand if they need it. I would 100% recommend this business to anyone looking for orthodontic work. In a few years when my son is ready for braces, we will be bringing him here! Thank you for my beautiful smile Exeter team!
Sara Anderson
The overall energy at Exeter is contagious! Every time I come in for an appointment I’m greeted with a smile ???? Dr. Wegrzyniak pays extra attention to detail and has always taken her time answering any questions (and trust me I always have a lot!!) I have. I have never felt rushed nor have I never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment. It seems everyone who works here gets along well with each other and they are always willing and eager to give their co workers a hand if they need it. I would 100% recommend this business to anyone looking for orthodontic work. In a few years when my son is ready for braces, we will be bringing him here! Thank you for my beautiful smile Exeter team!
Sara Anderson
I love the staff there super friendly and gentle!
Chaselyn Holly
We go to the Lancaster office. The staff have been very kind. My son was very anxious about having braces put on but Dez made the experience easier by explaining everything she was doing prior to doing it. She made my son feel at ease and that meant a lot to me. The price is great too! I recommend this orthodontist.
Laura Sottek
Exeter Smilesdontist is by far the best place for Invisalign! The staff are so friendly and work well with my schedule. I always recommend people to go there for Invisalign/braces! :)
Melanie Sanchez
My name is Andraina I visit the Allentown office and they amazing always soFlexible amazing costumer service they always very fast service also. I recommend to anyone ☺️
Andraina Pabon
My daughter has been a patient at Exeter Orthodontics for about 3 years now. She has had a wonderful experience. The staff has always been so pleasant and worked well with our schedules. They knew who she was every time she came in and made her feel very comfortable and at home. I would highly recommend this office for any of your orthodontic needs!
Valerie Miller
Always a pleasure to get my teeth worked on at Exeter Smiles! I have been to multiple locations and they are consistently great. I had braces put on as an adult which is not always fun, but it was a great experience because of the team at Exeter Smiles.
Victor Signorelli
We have absolutely fallen in love with exeter orthodontics after being referred here by so many people, my daughter has extreme fear of anything with a dentist and ortho, so I knew it was going to be an uphill battle, but at our consultation with Dr. Pardini and his assistant Chelsea that day they made her super comfortable and were able to really explain step by step. Then on her first day of actually getting the braces on, she had assistant Gabby who was very patient and helpful through all the tears and stress. While the initial thought and experience was not one my daughter preferred, she is now very comfortable with her situation and excited for her next appt.
Nikki Schlegel
I've been going to the Reading location for my braces since last May. All of the staff are so friendly and accommidating--I wish I got some of their names so I could address them in this review! But all of them are just wonderful there, I definitely recommend.
CA Bowes
We love Exeter Smiles! They know how to do braces right! Their offices are clean and comfortable. Staff is experienced, professional, always on time and they make it easy to pay at the best price with great quality results.All the best to you guys!! Thank you, Dr. Pardoni & staff! 😊
Crystal Diaz
Very nice and friendly staff. They explained everything very thorough and my daughter got her braces on the same day.
Maria Mingucha
My family and I had an amazing experience. We were helped with zero waits, and all of our questions were answered.
Gabriela Reyes
I come here for my braces everyone here is so nice
Jessica Jaccinor
Highly recommend! My neices and nephew get seen there and not only is the staff always so helpful and welcoming. I also never have an issue with scheduling appointments especially ones that fit my busy schedule. The doctor is always so understanding and chipper. Which keeps me at ease. Exeter Smiles gives me the right care for a great price!
Maira Damiani
I had an amazing experience! All three of my kids receive treatment. They love their results! The staff and the doctors are amazing! The scheduling team and billing team are great!
Lis O
I recommend Exeter orthodontics! I am very happy with my treatment. The doctors are amazing. They are very patient and understanding. The staff are all friendly and sweet. They are also very welcoming! I had the opportunity to meet the manager she is amazing as well! The assistants are great and funny! The complete team is great!
Arialys Medina
I am very happy with my results! Dr. Pardini and Dr. Moran are amazing. I strongly recommend you to Exeter orthodontics! The staff are amazing. It was very easy to get an appointment and they do their best to accommodate you. The price is unbelievable! All my billing questions were answered as well! Thank you for my beautiful smile!!!
Jasmine Gonzalez
Wonderful experience.
MarChell DeShong
Dr. Pardini and Nick are always patient, kind, and go above and beyond for their patients. It's evident that Dr. Pardini truly cares about his work, and Nick is wonderful at explaining every detail of the Invisalign process. 10/10 would recommend
Ying-Kristine Wang
When I tell you that the staff, particularly Sam, was amazing and Dr. Pardini is always so engaging and informative. I’m 53yo and decided to do something I’ve always wanted and that’s to have a beautiful smile (to match my personality LOL). All of the staff are quite delightful and the affection they show one another is heartwarming. I actually look forward to my monthly adjustments! Thanks Y’all!!! Thanks SAMINTA!!!❤️
Katrina Cheatem
I brought my two boys ages 12 and 14 to Exter for a consultation to straighten their teeth. I was blown away by the customer service. Everyone was so accommodating and patient. The orthodontist explained each child's needs and our options for treatment were offered both verbally and in writing.
Jennifer Marie
Excellent care... we are treated well and we are seeing beautiful results. Other orthodontists dislike what Exeter is doing with their pricing... we love it!
M Riehl
I started my teeth straightening journey later in life as a 38 year old. I asked if that they get me done in under a year, so I could have a great smile for my wedding day. The team delivered! All of my visits were quick and professional. Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend Exeter Smiles.
Gene Bound
Great customer service and pricing. They always answer to all my concerns, Jenniffer at the front desk is amazing ! Would recommend this office always. Thank you for my nice smile !
Carlos Aguasvivas
Very knowledgeable, friendly, and kind staff. The office is very clean and updated! Would recommend Exeter to anyone and everyone I know! You can’t beat the price or the girls in the office! The new orthodontist is very outgoing and talks with the kids about the care that is needed for the braces!
Brooke Jury
I visit the one in Exeter. It’s a great experience here and all the workers are fun and kind. -Abby Gehris
Abigail Gehris
I had a great experience with my visit today the doctor she is super nice ???? and staff was very helpful and kind I was really scared but they made me feel comfortable and they explained everything well i had no pain or nothing I really recommend they're really professional and I'm excited and I can't wait for the results and also the price it is really good
R Shahin
I had a great experience with my visit today the staff was very helpful and kind I was really scared but they made me feel comfortable and they explained everything well i had no pain or nothing I really recommend they're really professional and I'm excited and I can't wait for the results and also the price it is really good
R Shahin
My experience at Exeter Smiles has always been amazing. The staff is amazing. So kind and greet you with a smile every visit. They make you feel like family. Highly recommend this place.
Heather Charron
All the doctors and staff have been polite, friendly and always accommodating. The monthly payment made is very easy to afford getting my boys teeth looking great. So far we have one son who has completed the process and the other in the middle stages. Their teeth look amazing! I will definitely be bringing our daughter here when it's time. With them having multiple offices it makes it convenient to get in quickly when needed. Have and will continue to reccomend them.
Stephanie Vitalo
Very friendly, loved the positive vibes
Dusty Perez
My daughter had a wonderful experience with her braces and spacer! Was amazed how beautiful her smile is! Would recommend them to anyone! Definitely worth the money!!
Lenore Filipovic
Exeter orthodontics has been absolutely amazing through the entire experience. We started out young in place one due to my son having several teeth pulled and we needed a spacer to hold places for permanent teeth that would eventually come in n. Eventually we went into phase two and enjoyed going to every appointment the staff and doctors are all amazing . We recently started the retainer phase and I would high recommend exeter orthodontics . We have had most appointments at the Exeter office with an occasional trip to a few other offices since mY child seems to have killer bite and is extremely hard on devices… if you want a great experience go to Exeter orthodontics … my niece was also a patient and had the same great experience. Also I tried two other orthodontists before choosing Exeter so I did my homework .. Highly recommend
Jaime Fick
Great service staff was very nice they explained everything with details.
Mely Diaz
Dr. Pardini and the team at Exeter Orthodontics in Exton offered me the BEST experience and the BEST price with Invisalign. After multiple consults for Invisalign with various offices in the area, I chose Exeter and I’m so glad I did. The team was always so welcoming and accommodating throughout the entire process. When one of my new trays didn’t fit, they got me a same day appointment within a couple of hours of me calling. All staff were extremely knowledgeable and confident in the care they provided. For anyone needing orthodontic care, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Thanks Exeter for giving me the dream smile I always wanted!
Bree Westcott
My daughter has been a patient at Exeter Smiles for 3 years. She completed phase one treatment and is now back for phase 2. All of the doctors and staff have been amazing. Very welcoming environment. Office is always clean. If we need to come in for a broken bracket or a wire poking they have been great with getting us in in a timely manner. Great price, great customer service, great staff. Overall, I would definitely recommend Exeter Smiles.
Kyle Fizz
My name is Alex, Dr.P is very welcoming and respectful and knows how to make his patients feel at home and happy, he’s also very funny and entertaining. Motty and Sara are so cool and I like them a lot. The office is very clean and environment is always great! Go here you won’t be disappointed trust me! My smile is amazing!
The Allentown office is amazing my daughter Beckah always likes coming to see Dr. Pardini. Everyone is always friendly and helpful.
Kathy Acevedo
Great experience with Invisalign. Highly recommend Exeter.
Sh Wa
My daughter Paige Hemmig as always had a good experience when coming for her visits and thinks that everyone that works there has always been so nice. Paige has had a great experience with Exeter Smiles!
Monica Hemmig
What a great team at Exeter Smiles ! Very friendly , up beat , the availability to make payments if braces are needed (huge ) & most importantly after 1 year of braces …I have a perfect smile with straight teeth ! I highly recommend ! ????
Tami Willumsen
I had a great experience at the Exton office! I had braces on for about 6 months so I had multiple visits and was treated great by all the employees I interacted with. Chelsea was hands down the best! Dr. Pardini was great and my teeth have never looked better.
Victor Signorelli
Thank you Exeter orthodontics for making the transition for my son so easy . Transferring from one practice to your Exeter location was so easy and your staff was so welcoming . They are Always smiling and eager to help anyway they can . There was no hidden agenda or fees . They are always up front and honest . Becky was always willing to help and Nellie was always right there greeting us at the door with her big smile . I highly recommend Exeter orthodontics for every family and their needs . My son will be out of braces soon and I will definitely be bringing my daughters there for care as well . :)
Amber Storti
Thank you Exeter Smiles for making my daughter feel comfortable and made the braces process smooth sailing for us! Everyone was so nice from beginning to end and I can't thank Becky enough for being very helpful and guiding me in the right direction! Highly recommend
Carissa Trout
Every single staff member here is just so pleasant and friendly. The new orthodontist is super personable and goes out of her way to make sure my son is caring for his braces the way he should be, but kindly. You also can’t beat the price.
Amanda Johnson
Definitely an amazing team there ! All were nice & took care of me . Got my braces and ready for a new smile. I highly recommend also very affordable.
Alicia Hill
Dr Pardini and the entire staff are the best in the business.
Anthony F. “Tony” Merlino , Jr.
I saw their car with the braces promotion so I tried them I did like how easy was the process, the payment and the staff super cool and professional. I didn’t need to wait long time for my appointment plus they do have spanish staff so if you don’t speak English you’ll be okay! ????????
Scarlet L
Had my consult and braces on the same day! They’re very up front about costs / down payments. The staff is beyond friendly and I’m so glad I decided to go with Exeter ortho after many failed attempts elsewhere!!
Lauren Hellerick
We highly recommend Dr. Pardini as the Best Orthodontist. My son had several incidences with broken brackets due to eating hard food, he was immediately seen by Dr. Pardini. Dr. Pardini is very detailed and spends quality time with my son who is afraid of getting braces. Dr. Pardini made it so much easy for my son to receive treatment at Exeter Orthodontics, The staff makes my son feel at home. I would never have thought that my son would say that he LOVE going to the orthodontist, but he did. Exeter Orthodontics is the BEST in PA.and we thank Dr. Pardini for all his dedication and love for caring for patients.
Harold Kang
I had such a great experience here! The friendly staff definitely helped! I always look forward to seeing Chelsea when I come in! They answered all my questions with no problem! I would highly recommend Exeter Smiles to anyone I know!
Samantha Faith Stine
I have to say this is the best orthodontist around. They make my son having braces as enjoyable as possible. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind. Morgan is awesome. She is always on point with scheduling and sending reminders out. If it wasn’t for her my son wouldn’t have braces.
Sara R
This office is amazing! My son, Grant has just started with his braces and they are always responsive and kind. Morgan rocks! Always helpful and quick regarding financial stuff!!
Nicole Floramo
I love coming here, Dr. Pardini, Sara and Motty always make it a positive experience!
Amanda Heffner
I had a very positive experience being a patient at Exeter Smiles. All of the staff were very welcoming and professional. If I had any questions they answered them thoroughly. I got Invisalign and I wore them for under a year and my teeth look great. I give the rating 5 out of 5 stars, and would recommend Exeter Smiles to others as well!
Emily C. Antonio
My experience had been nothing but excellent. The employees are welcoming and joyful. The appointment are extremely quick and easy. I highly recommend!
aston shrum
I know its late but happy Valentines day y'all. Thank you Hannah again for the sweet valentines day color's
Lisa Bartholomew
Dr Mills and staff at the Exeter location have always been wonderful with the entire process with my braces and getting me in when there's emergencies (like a broken bracket or a sharp wire) I highly recommend this to anyone.
Ann Everhart
My experience was awesome my braces were removed and I was given retainers and to follow up within three month. I could not have went to a better place so friendly and clean and very professional, and soooo much cheaper than orthodontist in this area. Thank You again..
Joanne Torres
Boo! Happy holloween everyone! Have a spoooky 1! Thank you hannah 4 these spooky colors!
Lisa Bartholomew
Thank you again hannah 4 these lovley fall colors! Happy early fall♡
Lisa Bartholomew
Please go here! There always so friendly, & willing to go above & beyond for you. If you need lots of extra rubber bands, or you've got a bracket broke, they replace it, & don't charge you, or if you don't like the colors they put on, they'll change it, without charging you, right away, & you never have to wait @ all, or long to get in. Ask for hannah, she'll do the coolest color combinations!!
Lisa Bartholomew
I would highly recommend Exeter Smiles to anyone who is looking for a great orthodontist. 3 of my children have had braces here and I recently went in to have some orthodontic work done. They were very kind and courteous and went above and beyond with my appointment. Dr. Mills is terrific and I appreciate her caring demeanor. Finally, one of my daughter's soccer team is heading to Nationals for US Youth Soccer and the the office was kind enough to be one of her team's sponsors.
Chad Kardos
Dr. Pardini did an amazing job on my son's teeth in only 2 years! Nice technicians, brand new office, immediate service.
Patti Tyler
The office is always clean, staff are on the ball, appointments are fast and efficient. Dr. Mills always gives a final okay on all care provided. Way to go Exeter Smiles!!
Mohammed Arrassi
My teeth were not looking great before I went in there, and now they are perfect. I’ve never been more happy. I am extremely grateful to Exeter.
Hannah Spratley
Everyone in the office is so friendly. They did an amazing job on my son's teeth and we couldn't be happier! We recommend Exeter Smilesdontica to all our friends because our experience has been so positive!
Keith Rogers
Doctors & staff are amazing. The place works like a well oiled machine. I recommend this place to all my friends and family.
Brenda Hoagland
I love most of the staff. Very friendly. Dr. Yoffe is strict when it comes to management with your braces, but he is supposed to be! He is wonderful!
Elesha Stokes-Shank
Dr. Dan and his staff are super friendly and take great care of my children! Dr. Dan did braces on all three of my kids and we could not be more pleased with the results! He is an excellent practitioner and pays great attention to detail making sure that smiles are the best they can be! Visiting their office is a pleasure. We'd highly recommend them to anyone!
Kory Prehl

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Palatal expanders are often the first step in orthodontic care for children. Learn more about the other orthodontic services we offer in Reading and beyond.

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Invisalign Aligners
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Traditional Braces
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