Our team of orthodontists in Reading and beyond have heard a lot of myths about braces over the years. These stories of pain, discomfort, expense, and social isolation make many people afraid to even visit the orthodontist! 

We’re here to set the record straight surrounding the myths about braces. They don’t have to be ugly, painful, or expensive. They can be affordable and even life-changing. 

Myth #1: You Need a Palate Expander Before Getting Braces

Commonly referred to as “Phase 1,” palatal expanders or jaw expanders are used to create more room in a child’s mouth to prevent overcrowding. These are often reserved for the most serious orthodontic cases. However, even though less than eight percent of patients need phase one treatment, a majority of orthodontic patients admit to having had a jaw expander.

Why is this? This may be due to several factors; however, we’ve found that far too many orthodontists are recommending treatment plans that patients simply don’t need in order to prolong treatments. Other orthodontists are treating orthodontic care as a one-size-fits-all solution, which isn’t the case. 

When you visit Exeter Smiles, during your free consultation we’ll take x-rays to determine whether you need a palatal expander. If your teeth are overcrowding, you have a severe overbite, or you have impacted teeth that can’t grow in, you may need an expander. But not every patient does. 

Myth #2: Braces Don’t Work Because My Teeth Moved Later On

While braces help straighten and align teeth, their solution isn’t permanent…unless you wear your retainer. Wearing your retainer is the most important thing you can do after getting your braces off. Your retainer keeps your teeth from shifting over time. 

Orthodontists have often seen patients return for another round of orthodontic care because they failed to wear their retainer as directed. Immediately following the removal of your braces, you should be wearing your retainer for up to 22 hours per day for at least six months. After that, it is recommended that you continue to wear your retainer simply at night. 

Be sure to listen to the recommendations of your orthodontist so that you can protect your new smile. 

Myth #3: Braces Are Only a Cosmetic Procedure

Some people think the main purpose of braces is to achieve a more beautiful smile, and they forgo the treatment because they see no other benefits. But braces do more than make a smile look nice! They also protect the health and longevity of teeth. 

Teeth that are crooked or overcrowded are extremely hard to clean properly. This leaves them susceptible to decay and cavities. If untreated, cavities can worsen until you face extractions or tooth loss.  

Those with crooked or uneven teeth also complain about the pain caused when eating or even talking. Braces can help make these daily tasks more comfortable.  

Myth #4: Braces Are Only for Teenagers

Although you often see young children and teenagers with braces, this doesn’t mean adults can’t wear them too! A growing number of adults in America are turning to braces because they realize how a straighter smile not only improves their health and confidence, but their life. 

It is never too late to make a change! Adult patients are increasingly interested in Invisalign aligners. These aligners are transparent and removable, making them ideal for working adults with busy lifestyles. They’re comfortable, hard to see, and allow you to continue eating your favorite foods! Here at Exeter Smiles, we specialize in braces for adults and have helped thousands smile a little brighter.

Myth #5: Braces Are Expensive

Yes and no. Some orthodontists may charge upwards of $10,000 for braces. However, at Exeter Smiles, we do things a little differently. Traditional braces are offered for one all-inclusive price of $3,995. This includes x-rays, retainers, repairs, adjustments and emergency visits. 

How can we keep our costs so affordable? Because our team dedicates itself to the latest training and technology. Enhanced education translates into enhanced efficiency and lower costs. We pass these cost savings on to you. We also offer payment plans to make the cost of orthodontic care even less of a burden. 

Separate Fact from Fiction

Don’t let the myths about braces stop you from getting the care you need. Separate fact from fiction and request a free consultation with our orthodontists in Reading, Easton, Allentown, Lansdale, Exton, and Blandon. They’ll help walk you through the orthodontic treatment available to you. 

Request an appointment with Exeter Smiles today.