Plenty of adults visit our Reading orthodontists and wonder whether they’re “too old” for braces. But we’re seeing an increasing amount of adult braces patients! The availability of braces is making it easier for those who have never had braces as a child to benefit from the treatment now. Besides, it’s never too late to give your smile some TLC!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not adult braces are right for you, we’ve outlined some benefits of adult braces that may help you make your decision.

Adult Braces Boost Confidence

A majority of our patients say they feel happier and more confident when their braces come off. Some patients have hidden their smiles from others for their entire lives, embarrassed because of a crooked tooth or a gap between their teeth. Now, they can smile with confidence!

It’s said that a smile is life-changing. Our Berks County and Lehigh Valley orthodontists have seen these changes firsthand. Patients take their newfound confidence and apply for new jobs, meet new friends, and jump at opportunities they may not otherwise have. Countless new doors are opened with a single smile. Discover how your life can change!

Braces Improve Oral Health

Braces are more than just an aesthetic enhancement. They also help prevent bacteria, decay, and disease. Crooked or crowded teeth are substantially harder to clean because brushes, picks, and floss have trouble getting in between them. This leads to plaque buildup, decay, and even periodontal disease.

Sometimes crowded teeth have to be removed, which can weaken the jawbone and lead to erosion. Teeth grinding can also occur during eating or talking, which can break down and wear away at teeth. Eating can also be painful, preventing you from snacking on your favorite foods! Headaches, facial pain, and even earaches are other issues patients may experience.

A year or two of braces can help prevent a lifetime of pain! Teeth are cleaner, healthier, straighter, and more comfortable.

There’s More Variety

When you picture braces, you may think of shiny metal and uncomfortable headgear, but not anymore! There’s a wide variety of braces now available, from traditional metal wires and brackets to Invisalign aligners.

We’ve found that many adults, especially with less severe cases, prefer Invisalign. Invisalign can be removed as needed for eating. The transparent aligners are also very difficult to see. Their comfort and convenience meet the needs of a lot of our patients.

If you have very crooked teeth, traditional braces may be best for you. However, we encourage you to pay our orthodontists in Allentown, Reading, and beyond a visit. They can help you decide on a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

Braces Are More Affordable

Braces are becoming more and more affordable and accessible. At Exeter Smiles, we offer traditional braces for only $3,995. This low price includes x-rays, retainers, repairs, adjustments, and even emergency visits. We’re proud to offer some of the most affordable braces in Berks County and the Lehigh Valley! We firmly believe that no one should walk away from a treatment they need because of the price.

So when patients come to our office and ask, “Am I too old for braces?,” the answer will always be “No!” You’re never “too old” to give your smile, your health, and your confidence a boost. We encourage you to request a free consultation with our orthodontists today!